Worth the watch: Devil in a Blue Dress

It’s nice to revisit older films in the solitude of quarantine (what else is there to do?), and I couldn’t be happier to stumble upon this one on Starz. My knees weaken whenever I encounter a noir film online or witness one wedged between dusty DVDs at a record store, or beautifully packaged in a 4K rerelease. I love film noir and its descendent, neo-noir, and will almost always abandon any activity to watch one, even if it’s bad. I love the cheap crooks and fated antiheroes; the cheesy one-liners and nonsensical narratives; the cynical attitude towards fate, love, and the American Dream; the preponderance of violence, chaos, and existential dread. These movies explore the menacing consequences of romanticism in ironic ways that render humans as infinitely small, self-absorbed, and doomed.

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